Redapt CAF landing zone: 4 week implementation

Redapt, Inc.

Redapt’s Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Zone solution allows organizations to deploy an Azure environment based on best practices & guidelines from Microsoft to enable success with Azure

Redapt Azure Cloud Adoption Framework landing zone delivers an Azure environment that is built for scale, security, governance, networking, and identity. This landing zone will ensure the critical components that enable application migrations and greenfield development at an enterprise scale. The established Azure landing zone considers all platform resources that are required to support your application portfolio, whether your solution is based on IaaS or PaaS.

As part of a 4-week engagement, Redapt will review the design areas that comprise a landing zone in adherence with regulatory guidelines and following best practices. Redapt will perform the following activities:

Phase 1 – Plan & Ready During this phase Redapt will review the applications, their design, and the best path forward in Azure. This is where Redapt will help with the various options such as Migrate or Innovate.

Phase 2 – Adopt & Govern We conduct workshops to provide insights and guidance for the creation of a landing zone. We then create a reliable, auditable, and flexible governance framework to ensure the successful use of Azure.

Phase 3 – Manage After the Azure adoption we help you maintain best practices and control of the environment. This will allow for better visibility into utilization and cost management.