Redapt SmartBot: 2 week implementation


Redapt SmartBot™ helps you gain efficiencies that impact your bottom line.

Redapt SmartBot™ leverages Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and interacts the way people do—on the platforms they use most—employing artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide quick, accurate responses. SmartBot is your automated first-line communication, with personality.

As part of this two week implementation, we will help you identify one use case and build a fully functional Bot solution with functionality and architecture based on Azure Cognitive services.

Technologies like Cortana and Alexa are becoming common in our everyday lives. SmartBot harnesses this same intelligent chat technology and extends it to a multitude of business uses. User experience is key, so SmartBot offers flexibility of voice and text interfaces to meet your specific needs. It’s both personal and efficient.

Redapt SmartBot combines chatbot technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning to:

  • Augment a process or replace a business function
  • Unlock information and tap into collective intelligence
  • Gain efficiencies that impact your bottom line
  • Reach more people by embedding in different channel, including mobile, web, and apps