Azure Data Strategy Engagement: 1 week assessment

Redapt, Inc.

For companies where data volumes are growing, harnessing meaningful insights from all this business information is difficult. This is where Redapt can help.

Redapt will work with you to understand your business model and data needs, providing you with information on Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data lake Store, Azure Databricks. Together we’ll draft an ideal architecture and break it down into a roadmap, identifying any risk areas along the way.

Be heard & understood We listen to you. We hear your business goals—how you go to market and how you engage with your customers. Our team listens while you explain your current (or proposed) architecture, your upstream and downstream systems, pain points, and goals.

Learn solution options We’ll present an overview of relevant technologies—their pros and cons, how they’re used, and how each solution approaches data ingestion, management, and analysis on cloud-based data platforms. Our team will provide real-world case studies of where these technologies fit together. This is an educational session, where questions are encouraged.

Roadmapping & ideation We’ll have a whiteboarding session where we jointly solve your business challenges using the appropriate cloud technologies. Together we’ll refine the design through iterations, “poking holes” and dialing in an ideal architecture. The output of this session is a candidate architecture.

Develop a plan Redapt will work with you to develop a plan, breaking the work down into phases. Our focus will be on the individual steps to take your candidate architecture into a live business solution. From migration to deployment paths, we’ll breakdown each task for you.