Cloud Migration Assessment

Audax Labs

Audax Labs' Cloud Migration Assessment can help you understand the business benefits of the migration and will help you to decide the best strategy to create an outcome driven roadmap.

Audax Labs' cloud migration assessment service offers the customers a roadmap to migrate their application and data from their existing Infrastructure into Azure Cloud. It also helps them establish a vision for the migration and helps them derive the the ROI related to scalability, cost, and performance.

Audax Labs' Assessment service provides the customer with a detailed migration assessment report(s) that includes information regarding migration challenges, dependencies, assumptions, planning and timelines.

The Assessment report also provides an accurate understanding of your legacy systems, enabling us to develop the business case around cloud migration of existing applications and the right approach for the same. Based on the assessment we can work with the business leaders to retire, migrate (lift and shift) or migrate (modernize).

Typical Migration Assessment can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks and it involves below steps: Steps involved in the cloud migration assessment:

  • Discovery workshops with stakeholders
  • Identifying the application scope to classify for migration/ sun-setting.
  • Evaluating the available internal skills and availability of resources.
  • Establish plan & budget.