DocuLens OCR

Audax Labs

DocuLens OCR Engine is an Enterprise OCR solution which can be integrated with multiple data sources and applications.

The Audax Labs DocuLens OCR Engine is an enterprise solution designed to extract text from documents residing in a wide range of customer data repositories, including both legacy storage systems and modern cloud platforms like Azure Storage. It includes a user-friendly System Management interface, facilitating the administration of cluster and worker instances.

This OCR Engine is equipped to handle various standard image and document formats, encompassing PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF. Audax Labs can support organizations to implement and integrate DocuLens OCR with their existing applications in their Azure environment. We provide support to modernize their legacy data (paper/ on-prem) and make it discoverable on Azure. This allows organizations to drive value from their existing Azure blob storage and discover dark data from their data landscape. We can also helps organizations reduce their compliance risks by integrating DocuLens OCR with their Azure Solr or other indexing applications.