Peace of Mind for Azure(CAF Manage):Implementation


Monthly proactive maintenance for Azure environments; monitoring and recommendations for: security, costs, and resources. Contains: weekly health and monthly reports including security, resources

Managed Service by Avaelgo. Get monthly proactive maintenance for Microsoft Azure, and management of Microsoft Azure services and contract. You will receive weekly health checks and monthly reports including security, workload usage, optimization recommendations, increasing usage of purchased services, and new features available in Microsoft Azure. We are proactively checking your Azure environment 1 hour per week in order to assure your services are working properly and identify any potential issue before happened.

Level up your Microsoft 365 environment, make better business decisions based on actionable insights that cover:

  • incident management
  • security monitoring
  • How to maximize your investment in already purchased services
  • Improve infrastructure operations, tooling and automation
  • Performance and Consumption Monitoring
  • Best practices, improvements and optimizations
  • GDPR compliance advisory, based on your existing Microsoft Azure
  • Insights and recommendations on future Microsoft Azure features

Pricing is depending on Microsoft Azure services implemented and architecture