Azure Security- 15Day Assessment


Azure enables you to manage user identities and credentials, and control access to protect business and personal information.


With the Azure Security Assessment, understand your security posture and confidently leverage your Microsoft Azure products to increase your business agility both efficiently and securely.

Phase I: Review & Assess

  • Comprehensive information gathering of your organizations posture
  • Discussing strategic business objective in using cloud technology (Azure)
  • Assess security content of your organization and the information sensitivity

    Phase II: Analyze

  • Information and assessment of current/planned deployment strategies
  • Analysis of configurations in accordance with Microsoft and industry best practices

    Phase III: Recommendations

  • Recommendations and document findings Presentation of results and an Azure Cybersecurity Briefing presentation.

    Avaleris proposes to provide services as outlined in this offer, our pricing is based on our understanding of the project and the defined scope and associated assumptions.