Avanade Cloud Data Management Capability Assessments 6 WK FY24

Avanade, Inc.

Evaluate your cloud data management capabilities or products against a defined framework to establish safer data practices and trust from your stakeholder and customers.

The EDM Council made waves in the industry with the release of the CDMC framework, which serves as a north star for cloud providers and consumers to establish / prove strong cloud data management capabilities.

Avanade’s CDMC-licensed evaluators will partner with you to explore your cloud environment (for cloud consumers) or product (for cloud providers) to investigate how well it pairs up with the CDMC framework. Over the course of 4 -6 weeks (subject to change due to complexity), evaluators will interview your stakeholders to systematically review your solution / platform against all requirements / guidelines set forth in the CDMC framework by the EDM Council. The primary focus of these assessments are cloud data solutions/platforms built on Microsoft Azure services, including but not limited to Microsoft Purview and associated Azure Data Services. At the conclusion a passed assessment, clients may opt to pursue an official certification from the EDM Council which can be used for marketing materials and as a mark of trust for customers.

The EDM Council is a collaborative organization with over 300 member-firms with a core mission to lead best practices, data standards & ethics, training & certification, and more.

*Pricing varies based on the engagement.