Avanade Modern Application Transformation

Avanade, Inc.

Modern Application Transformation enables you to be ready by design to react to market changes in an instant.

Avanade’s Modern Application Transformation services help companies accelerate their business outcomes and digital transformations through building better software that takes full advantage of Microsoft Azure's and modern, design-led agile development approaches utilizing the latest mobile, web, cloud-native architectures and open-source technologies. Key Focus Areas are as follows:

• Digital Product Design and Development services provide a human-centered design approach for getting companies from early product hypothesis articulation, to ideation, to testing and proving business value, and finally, to delivery and maintenance. Avanade’s approach enables companies to quickly migrate from innovative thinking to innovative development. This provides critical speed to market, and also leverages the time and value of the team.

• Digital Decoupling & Modernization services help companies establish an event driven architecture in Azure that unlocks the value of existing systems, while providing a foundation for new Azure cloud native development of microservices to deliver new features quickly. We address client challenges in their digital transformation journey which often include a barrier of legacy systems containing tremendous value but built on a monolithic architecture and cannot be modified cost-effectively and at the pace of innovation.

• Modern Engineering provides our delivery teams and our companies an industrialized approach to help them on their digital transformation journey. Core to Modern Engineering is people, process, and products. Leveraging agile practices, DevOps on Azure processes, guidance and accelerators, all powered by a change in culture, we build this new paradigm on-top of a human-centric approach. From process re-orientation to skill change and re-factoring, we help companies navigate this big shift, both as a trusted advisor as well as practitioners.

• Manage and Evolve services provide long term maintenance, support and evolution capacity for your core application portfolio in Azure, to deliver application stability, prioritizing business centricity. By employing Modern Operations and best practices, it simultaneously evolves and adapts them to business and platform driven changes and optimizes customer’s operational expenditure, whilst focusing on driving business value.