Azure Data Migration FY22: 12 WK Implementation

Avanade, Inc.

Our Azure Data Migration Factory model is established to build, automate, and optimize data migration pathways to the Azure platform to create a differentiated set of offerings.

Our Data Migration offering kick starts a clients cloud transformation journey. The industrialized factory model accelerates the typical migration process, allowing clients to access data on cloud faster and at a lower cost. The factory was started not with a goal of a marginal improvement over traditional modernization approaches, but a ground up revamp and with a fresh new look at the world of data migration/modernizations We carefully crafted migration manuals filled with the best practices, tools, and accelerators from Microsoft, Avanade and other partner teams to map out the perfect steps in each migration pathway to seamlessly bring our clients to the cloud at rapid speed and at a lower cost utilizing Azure Data Services. You'll never see the same cookbook twice as these are living documents and continuously get edited after each migration to incorporate new learnings, tools and perfection in each step. Additionally, with the partnership of Microsoft and Avanade, our teams collaborated to construct our fine-tuned migration methodology through the best practices developed by our teams. Each industrialized migration pathway has a set of specific practices and instructions all outlined in our cookbooks and executed through our selected tools and accelerators. Each migration phase has a set of selected tools and accelerators coming from a variety of teams. Throughout the development of Skywalker, tools were tested, compared, and analyzed to decide if they were the absolute top tier tool to use for migrations. Every migration pathway has a different set of tools and as new tools are released our team is already on top of testing out the new capabilities to ensure we are always offering the best of class service. Lastly, our factory would not be possible without the 200+ resources that are dedicated to executing migrations at scale. Each factory team member is trained on the selected tools, accelerators, and cookbook practice3s. The team comes with ample years of experience heightening our confidence in our migration methodology.

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