Azure Landing Zone - 6 Weeks Assessment


AVASOFT’s Azure Landing Zone Assessment can help you adjust to launch, grow, and administer safe and controlled workflows and apps.

The evaluation of the Azure landing zone is critical for its uptake. This is the only way to construct a definite landing zone that accommodates applications that you intend to develop in or move to the cloud.  

How we do it (Overview):

  • Explore the existing panorama of data centers, equipment, networks, and apps or data.
  • Set forth extensive discussions with client subject matter experts.
  • Build a Microsoft Assessment as a Service report and provide scan systems or migration cost estimates, if required.
  • Establish potential cloud objectives and do a ‘needs assessment’ predicated on the present and future aspirations.
  • Project Azure's prospective subscription cost and provide budgetary control methods.
  • Discuss Azure pricing as well as continuous maintenance architecture and pricing for a long-term Azure scenario.
  • Create a thorough strategy and execution approach for the establishment of a landing zone.
  • Determine the methodology and timeline for implementing ‘Data Use Cases’ (post Landing Zone). 
  • Identify customer resource requirements and pre-requisite actions to launch Landing Zone.

That’s not all.

We also create a long-term vision of the Azure Landing Zone infrastructure by implementing the following tools:

  • Tenant, Tagging Design, Management Group, and Resource.

  • Hybrid Network Design.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Design.

  • Layered Network Protection Design.

  • DevOps Design.

  • Cloud Security Design.

  • Data Security Design.

  • Cloud Governance Design.

But, what’s the end result? Here it is.

  • Insights from the assessment, prospective goals, and a ‘needs assessment’ summary.
  • Tool reports that summarize the extent of migration for servers, databases, and applications.
  • Infrastructure as Code technique is included in the DevOps design definition.
  • Authentication, accessibility, security management, and remediation are all part of the security architecture definition.
  • Budgetary control and expense warnings are included in the cloud administration framework.
  • Evaluation of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for cloud modernization. This includes Azure operating expenses, Azure installation costs, and Azure maintenance expenses over the long term.
  • A comprehensive implementation plan along with methodologies to get established.
  • Strategic framework for information-use scenario acquisition.

Your Azure Landing Zone serves as a base for deploying operations and apps. Leave it in the hands of a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner to establish its foundation. Schedule a consultation with us.