Microsoft Azure Security: 2 - Week Assessment


AVASOFT provides state-of-art Microsoft Azure security assessments for future-ready enterprises.

Unveil unforeseen security issues and gear up for better with our ‘white box’ infrastructure review and testing activity.

The goals of the assessment are:

  • Complete inspection of Azure environment security settings and controls.
  • Examine the environment and expose the security gaps and issues.
  • Comprehensive report on the security gaps and suggest future enhancements.

Our four-step Azure Security Assessment for Microsoft Azure:

  1. Architecture Analysis – Our assessment team will evaluate your security-related documents to identify and comprehend your cloud architecture, the types of services deployed, security controls leveraged, and the key people and processes.
  2. Interviews – We set forth an interview with the key resources responsible for your cloud infrastructure: network engineers, heads of support and maintenance teams, security, and compliance officers.
  3. Manual and automated assessment – Our team will validate your existing security controls in the cloud by performing an automated assessment. We also examine and analyze your entire Azure setup manually, either through a web console or cloud-provided APIs.
  4. Reporting – On the final step of the assessment, we collaborate with your cloud personnel on concerning findings and create an exhaustive assessment report. Our comprehensive report will provide an executive summary, describe the methodology, delineate the assessment scope, prioritize the overview of resources, and suggest best-fit solutions on how to leverage Microsoft services for attaining optimal security.

The average Cloud security assessment led by AVASOFT will be fulfilled within a duration of 1 – 3 weeks. The timeline may differ depending on the project scope and the cloud infrastructure.


  • Discover non-addressed security flaws and issues.
  • Ascertain that security controls are implemented based on the industry best practices and the company’s policy.
  • Plan against the possibility of an outage from Azure.
  • Enhance the security posture and follow the compliance rules.

The timeline of the project and the pricing will depend on the initial requirements and scope of the project.

Get in touch with us to know more about our industry-specific and customized security assessments.