Chat bots on Azure: 1-day workshop

Awara IT Solutions LLC

Awara IT chat bot workshop is intended for software developers with basic skills and broadens the understanding of how Azure chat bots can empower daily operations of businesses.

Awara IT holds 1-day workshops for Microsoft Azure users interested in creating chat bots. The goal is to explain and broaden the understanding of cloud technologies that will empower daily operations of your business.

This course is intended for software developers that need to know how to create bots that will support business operations, using Microsoft Azure Bot Framework.

###Contents Bot Framework SDK v4 for Python overview Chat bot examples: order pizza, book meeting room, tech support bot Dialogs inside Bot Framework (Promt, Waterfall, Component) Integrate bot with Cognitive Services, Microsoft Teams, Cortana, Slack, Telegram and your website Your bot inside Azure Web App; Create docker container Deployment with Azure Kubernetes Service Test your bot with Bot Framework Emulator Application Insights for bots Q&A

###Deliverables Know more about Microsoft Bot Framework You will be skilled enough to create your own chat bot