Data Warehouse: 1-day assessment

Awara IT Solutions LLC

Awara IT provides 1-day assessment for building a cloud or hybrid data warehouse as a consolidated system for fast data processing.

Why Data Warehouse?

Awara IT supports companies with 1-day assessment that is intended to build a cloud or hybrid storage that will then help you to use your large amounts of data efficiently. Intended especially for middle and large banks, manufacturing and trade companies, this approach simplifies and fastens data processing for better decision making. Such companies normally have large volumes of data that is stored in different databases and is hardly suitable for analysts, so it is quite difficult even to obtain it quickly. During the assessment we will evaluate the best way of how this solution can be applied in your company and provide you with the recommendations on the implementation itself. This assessment will be carried using Microsoft Azure, as the optimal solution. It will allow to save capital costs and make changes in the final solution easily if needed. E.g. between SQL and Power BI we will add Azure Analysis Services that will speed up the reporting process up to 60 times, from 10 minutes to 10 seconds.

Deliverables of this 1-day assessment

During the assessment session Awara IT will understand your business challenges, and will evaluate your environment to determine the best way of implementing a data warehouse solutions and provide an estimate of cost and timing. You will also know about the benefits of using data warehouse solutions for your business. Project results will include:

  • Man-hours for reporting are reduced
  • Fast access to primary information for quick decision making
  • Additional layer of data security.

Azure solutions used:

Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Analysis Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Share, Azure Databricks, and many more.