Big Data for beginners: 1-day workshop

Awara IT Solutions LLC

Awara IT holds 1-day workshop on Big Data to explain and broaden the understanding of cloud technologies that will empower daily operations of your business.

Awara IT holds hands-on labs for Microsoft Azure users interested in processing and analysis of data that is too large or complex for traditional database systems. The goal is to explain and broaden the understanding of Microsoft Azure big data tools that will empower daily operations of your business.

Brief description

This 1-day wokrshop is intended for beginner users that will solve business tasks using Microsoft Azure big data tools.


  • Part 1: Find out how to build a ML Model, setup Azure Data Factory and deploy your machine learning model with Azure ML (for courses on Azure ML please contact us)
  • Part 2: Provide a data factory pipeline for data movement; operationalize ML scoring with Azure Databricks and Data Factory. Know more about serverless technology. Use Azure Databricks to summarize data.
  • Part 3: Know more about Power BI Desktop and dashboards Overall, every participant will take part in the workshop, carried by Awara IT consultants, and will gain new real-life knowledge of Azure Data Factory, Azure ML, Azure Databricks.

###Deliverables Know more about big data concepts, approaches and productivity using ML Model, Azure Data Factory snd other tools Understand how to convey technology value to your partners Use this knowledge in practice

Final price is based on scope of work.