Landing Zone Assessment: 3 Week Assessment

Aware Group Limited

Landing Zone Assessment assists in the setup and governance of an organisation's cloud adoption and ongoing use of Microsoft Azure, using the Cloud Adoption Framework as a reference.

Landing Zone Accelerator is a comprehensive service offered by Aware Group to help organizations efficiently set up, govern, and manage their cloud adoption journey using Microsoft Azure. By leveraging the Cloud Adoption Framework, this service ensures that organizations can optimize their cloud infrastructure, adhere to best practices, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Key Components of the Landing Zone Accelerator:

Governance Principles: The service assesses your organization's current governance strategy and aligns it with industry best practices, ensuring a well-defined and structured approach to managing and controlling your cloud resources. This includes guidance on cost management, data protection, and regulatory compliance.

Resource Organization: The Landing Zone Accelerator helps you establish a consistent and efficient resource organization strategy, including naming schemes and tags. This allows your organization to effectively track, manage, and allocate resources across various projects and teams, improving overall operational efficiency.

Auditing Controls: Implementing robust auditing controls is essential for maintaining visibility and ensuring compliance within your cloud environment. The service assists in the configuration and management of Azure Policy, enabling your organization to define, enforce, and audit policies that govern the use of Azure resources.

Security and Identity: Security and identity management are critical aspects of any cloud adoption journey. The Landing Zone Accelerator helps you integrate Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and configure access controls, ensuring a secure, identity-driven environment that protects sensitive data and minimizes risks.

Current State Assessment: The service includes an in-depth analysis of your organization's current state of cloud adoption, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for optimization. This assessment helps inform the development of a tailored cloud adoption strategy that aligns with your organization's specific needs and goals.

Recommendations for the Future: Based on the insights gained from the current state assessment, the Landing Zone Accelerator provides actionable recommendations for enhancing your organization's cloud infrastructure and governance practices. These recommendations will help ensure a more streamlined, secure, and scalable cloud environment.