Connected Factory Accelerator: 10-day Workshop

Aware Group

Accelerate the Intelligent Edge with a two-week engagement leveraging Azure Stack Edge.

Aware Group have designed the Azure Stack Edge Accelerator to showcase Intelligent Edge capability and integration with the wider Azure platform through hands-on-labs and proof-of-value exercises, leveraging real customer data.

Over the course of two weeks, Aware Group will work side-by-side with the customer team to deploy and configure Azure Stack Edge and customise with a specific workload. Topics covered include Activation and Deployment, IoT Edge, edge architecture and more.

Your engagement will be targeted to your specific needs, but may include: Discovery Planning & preparation to gather background on customer, define approach and business problem.

Milestone 1 (Day 1) Azure Stack Edge overview - setup and activate in customer tenant, deep-dive into business problem.

Milestone 2 (Days 2-3) Common deployment patterns and practices (PnP), network configuration and security.

Milestone 3 (Days 4-7) Deploy protocol translation container and test with customer test environment.

Milestone 4 (Days 8-9) Integration with wider Azure platform services such as Data Lake Storage or Machine Learning.

Close-out (Day 10) Summary report, future planning, retrospective, next steps + wrap-up.

In practice, the workshop usually extends to 3-4 weeks, with gaps inserted to reduce interruption of business for the client.