Axians KaaS: 6-wk impl managed Kubernetes platform

Axians Integrated Solutions

Implementation of a managed Azure Red Hat OpenShift platform

Axians KaaS is based on Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) , the most enterprise ready Kubernetes distribution there is. With our broad knowledge of Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, on-premises infrastructure, security and software development we are the perfect partner to help you to embed ARO within your landscape.

We install and secure your ARO cluster and connect it to on-premises resources in a reliable and secure manner. We install and configure logging and monitoring using Open-Source frameworks like Loki, Prometheus and Grafana or Azure Monitoring. We can monitor and maintain the platform and any containers running on it. And finally, we help with implementing CI/CD for your development teams using Azure DevOps and ARO.

In other words: Axians KaaS makes your ARO a true SaaS experience!