Data Analytics assessment - 3-Wk assessment


Low-risk, smart-thinking Azure migration and implementation process, done securely and professionally by Aztek Azure Migration experts

Aztek Technologies Microsoft-certified migration team has extensive experience in migrating vast amounts of workloads to Azure cloud, in a wide range of configurations, in full correlation with existing IT teams. Our goal is to implement a migration strategy that’s smart, effective and extremely low-risk. We work with your organization's IT teams to assess all data, systems and applications that require migration.

The final assessment report includes:

  • An overview of the current environment
  • Map short and long-term business, financial and IT objectives
  • Document your management approach with relation to compliance, governance, dev/test, capacity planning and optimization
  • Recommendations for:
    • Use of Azure IAAS capabilities such as migrating (Lift/Shift) server to Azure Virtual Machine, NSG's (Network Security Groups) etc.
    • Use of Azure PAAS services such as migrating SQL server to Azure SQL Databases, IIs/Apache server to Azure WebApps, use of AKS for DevOps and more.
    • Use of Reserved Instances (RI) and Azure Hybrid Benefits (AHB) to reduce Azure cloud costs.

Assessment is the first step towards Migration to Azure. An assessment done right, with the advanced tools used by Aztek Migration experts, will end up in a smooth, fast migration. The assessment is not only technical process. The decisions taken will help your organization:

  • Getting ready for Azure cloud migration
  • Aligning Azure cloud strategy to your business needs
  • Prioritizing workloads for transition

With this assessment we take a three-phased approach, based on the vast experience of our Professional Service team:

  • Assess, discover and gather accurate data from your IT environment
  • Plan, decide and determine what changes are top priority
  • Develop a migration roadmap for your organizations cloud journey

The final report will deliver a compelling business case aligned to your initial objective, evaluating the benefits, costs and challenges.