Azure Security 2-day Assessment

A. Baggenstos & Co. AG

Get an objectif overview of the security of your Azure environment followed by recommendations how to improve your security score.

In a detailed assessment, we will analyze your current or planned implementation of data security in Azure. In addition we will check your Azure architecture (virtual network, security groups, role assignments, policies). With this picture of IT security in your current cloud deployment, we will give you professional advice on your security and propose the optimal security tools offered by Azure.

In a follow up (online) meeting we will suggest possible improvements and show important tasks to increase the security of your Azure implementation.

You will also get a report with this information:

  • Your security ranking, which makes the status of your cybersecurity measurable and comparable (benchmarking)
  • Concrete recommendations to address security vulnerabilities are ranked by importance
  • Recommended actions for a more secure cloud platform
  • Analysis of your cloud licenses: what do you pay for and what is really used?
  • A health check of your cloud connections