Data Strategy: 2-8 Week Assessment

Baker Tilly Advisory Group, LP

Gain a competitive edge with faster, more relevant analytics. Our assessment combines business and technical functions to align, prioritize and bring the data that matters into focus.

Data strategy is much bigger than just adopting a tool, it’s about building a strong and lasting capability within the business. Knowing what to measure, having processes in place for measuring efficiently at scale, organizing the right people and implementing the right tools and technology are all central to designing an effective data strategy. Our prescriptive approach to defining a data strategy involves first understanding the main business priorities.

Our five-step process includes:

  1. Discovery and prioritization of data
  2. Building a business dimension model
  3. Developing a solution concept
  4. Put the right team in place
  5. Implement the solution road map

Baker Tilly builds business data models and proof of concept solutions in Microsoft Azure, where we can show what's possible, while providing road map and cloud costing estimates. Azure is a key differentiator because of its world class security and ability to scale to meet the needs of any customer. With Azure, our data analytics team can help drive more value from your data to drive your business forward.