Building Cloud Native Apps: 1-Day Workshop

Baltic Amadeus

Baltic Amadeus workshop is designed to analyze your application development goals and help you to prepare for building a new cloud native solution on Azure Kubernetes.

The workshop will help to accelerate the digital transformation to the Azure cloud. Our certified specialists will analyze the requirements, maturity and will help to define the vision and goals for a new initiative.

How the workshop is executed:

  1. Introduction and your current state overview.
  2. Latest news, trends on Azure Kubernetes and Azure cloud native services.
  3. Brainstorming session on how you can leverage cloud native technologies for your initiatives
  4. Practical recommendations for using Cloud technologies
  5. Next steps and actions

Value: After the workshop, you will have a better understanding of what strategy will help you to get the most of the public cloud.

Why us: Full visibility & efficiency. We work with an efficient approach and ensure a clear plan and procedures throughout the entire project. Long-year expertise in varied industries. A diverse practice record and 30+ years of experience guarantee the highest-level service quality. One-stop-shop technology partner. We assure a full range of IT services and consulting from one source.