DevOps Assessment: 1-Month assessment

Baltic Amadeus

Assess your DevOps practice maturity: ensure your business software development efficiency on Azure

We offer a DevOps assessment service to evaluate, build up and execute improvement actions for product development processes using Azure and GitHub solutions. The service will help you effectively manage the application development and get optimal payback of your software investments.

What is indicating DevOps maturity significant?

  • Clients more frequently report operational issues before internal teams notice the problems.
  • Frequent deployment and post-release production issues with the same or different root cause every time.
  • Disaster recovery procedures are entirely manual and have never been tested in production environments.
  • The problem-solving process depends on a few irreplaceable star players holding the most knowledge about your product.
  • A product might break, experience outages and performance issues under peak load.
  • Security risks in your code, its infrastructure and 3rd party components are unknown.

Our experienced senior DevOps consultants will execute an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your DevOps-related practice as well as tools. We will provide you with a comprehensive report of the current and ideal status overview. You will also receive an actionable roadmap for future improvements, including tools and process changes.

Report will include:


  1. Brief overview of assessment
  2. Priority areas for improvements
  3. Recommendations & strategies to execute


  1. Current state of DevOps maturity
  2. Positive findings
  3. Priorities to advance


  1. Scenarios for improvements
  2. Suggested target state
  3. Transition plan

How it the assessment service executed?

  1. Initial interviews with management & engineering teams
  2. Client fills survey of DevOps practice overview
  3. Data aggregation and analysis
  4. Following interviews with BA team for current state verification
  5. Finalizing a report for improvements' scenarios
  6. Presenting suggested target state & action plan