Data Warehouse on Azure: 3-Wk MVP implementation

Baltic Amadeus

For immediate and noticeable improvements in business data reporting, Baltic Amadeus proposes to create Data Warehouse running in Microsoft Azure.

Baltic Amadeus will implement fast, reliable and cost–effective data warehouse solution runing on the Azure-native platform and consult on leveraging Azure technologies. Improve data analytics and reporting capabilities by using Microsoft Azure platform services. No more manual data management, error-filled reporting or performance issues. In 3 weeks you will get a working data reporting solution, with the possibility to develop it further if expectations are met.

The solution comprises a set of Azure Cloud resources – Logic Apps, Power Apps, PowerBI, SQL Database, and Azure Data Factory.

The goal of MVP is to showcase:

  • Incremental data ingestion from relational databases
  • PowerBI data cache capabilities as well as incremental refresh
  • Speed of PowerBI reports using cached data
  • PowerApps capabilities to manually manage data using custom UI

The proposition includes:

  • Setup of Infrastructure
  • ETL setup for up to 50 tables (raw data)
  • 3 data sources
  • Simple data transformations and quality assurance
  • Full historical data import
  • PowerBI data model
  • 3 PowerBI reports
  • 1 PowerApps for 1 SQL table manipulation

Delivered value:

  • Increased data quality
  • Ability to have many refreshes during the day
  • Faster data analysis and reporting capabilities
  • IT maintenance & support of the solution will require less effort.
  • Development of new analytics will take less time.
  • The new architecture and cloud services will ensure high performance, scalability & flexibility.
  • The new solution of Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence will introduce new capabilities to govern data and to ensure data quality