Container Application deployment platform with Kubernetes

Orange Business

The Container Application deployment platform with Kubernetes by Orange Business, provides a fully managed container orchestration platform using Kubernetes based on DevSecOps and GitOps principles.

With the Container Application deployment platform with Kubernetes by Orange Business, our infrastructure specialist team will deploy and manage the platform for our customers which consists of:

  • Bootstrapping of container platform which includes Azure Kubernetes Services, Key Management services, Storage, Container registries and Identities.
  • Enable continuous deployment of Kubernetes components including ingress, CSI drivers, secret management, DNS management, certificate management, node updates etc.
  • Enable continuous integration and continuous deployment of application to Kubernetes platform.

Our engineers have years of infrastructure experience and combined with the world-class 24/7 support team, the platform creates a robust, reliable, and secure deployment environment which will meet and exceed the customer’s business expectations.

The Container Application deployment platform with Kubernetes is mainly suitable for workloads which includes:

  • Frontend and Backend applications
  • High Power Computing
  • GPU workloads
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Other uses cases like cloud-to-cloud migration, on-premises to cloud migration, application modernization etc. can also be performed as agreed with the customer.

Features of Kubernetes CI/CD automation:

  • Modular and open source: The Kubernetes CI/CD automation platform is made from many modular building blocks. This allows us to easily exchange a block if a better solution is available or if a specific customer wants to use a different approach. In the default platform configuration, we have used multiple open-source components to optimize cost, to limit supply chain attacks, and to utilize power of the community.
  • Cloud native and agnostic: Although we use Azure services while implementing the solution in Cloud, our solution is designed to be cloud native and cloud agnostic with possibilities to be implement in other cloud platforms as well.
  • GitOps principles: The infrastructure components of our platform are deployed using code and the Kubernetes components are deployed in GitOps fashion by the CD tooling running in the cluster.
  • Integrated CI/CD pipeline: With a universal CI/CD pipeline, the Kubernetes CI/CD automation service can build and deploy any containerized application. The pipeline is triggered automatically using webhooks in the GitHub repository. It will build the image before it is pushed to a container registry, where it later can be deployed to the cluster.
  • Application Security: Our integrated container image scanning can be configured to stop the deployment of an application if too many security vulnerabilities are detected. This number of vulnerabilities are displayed in a detailed overview on the application dashboard. Scheduled scanning of deployed images is also supported.
  • Cost optimization: The platform and technologies are cost optimized, and we have support on splitting total platform cost between applications, namespaces, pods, replicas and more.

Benefits for customers:

  • Short time to market: Kubernetes CI/CD automation provides a ready to deploy container platform which will enable the customers to focus on their products and quickly deploy applications.
  • Scalability: The platform has the ability to quickly deploy hundreds of apps with a small infrastructure team.
  • Centrally developed and secured: Our cloud specialist team develops and manages your platform centrally ensuring a secure, reliable, scalable and operable container platform.
  • Cloud native and cloud agnostic application platform: Although Azure is our preferred cloud provider, we have designed our solution to be cloud agnostic which gives customer flexibility to deploy applications as per their choice of cloud provider.
  • No Kubernetes skills: With Kubernetes CI/CD automation, Orange Business will enable a state-of-the-art container platform for the customers with little to no Kubernetes skills needed on their side.