Kickstarter Windows Virtual Desktop: 5 day POC

Orange Business

Experience a Windows Virtual Desktop Kickstarter that quickly enables cloud-based desktops and applications

As a specialist in the area of end user computing, Orange Business has developed a comprehensive toolkit and best practices for Windows Virtual Desktop deployments. By using this KICKSTARTER, you will enjoy a working proof of concept (POC) solution where you can evaluate Windows Virtual Desktop faster and ensure that end-users have a great experience the first time they use their new Windows Virtual Desktop. This service is delivered by our specialists in the NL-part of Orange Business.


  • Introduction of Windows Virtual Desktop and concepts BASIC
  • Scope and expectations of the kickstarter
  • Azure environment review and preparations
  • Create Azure resources for WVD kickstarter components
  • Link your Active Directory to Azure Active Directory with AD Connect
  • Create WVD account and user groups
  • Establish a Windows Virtual Desktop Tenant in Azure
  • Deploy a Host Pool showcasing Windows 10 multi-session Office 365 non-persistent desktops
  • Deploy a Host Pool showcasing Remote application functionality