Cloud Security Operation Center 10Wk POC

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baseVISION Managed Security Operations Centre with Monitor & Alert, Detect and Response Services.

Managed Security Operation Centre as a Service Our managed services provide Security Incident Monitoring, Analysis and Support to improve the cyber security resilience. You can focus on your daily business, while our Security Analysts monitor the Security Incident Alerts and and support you with information and respond to threats.

Improve your security posture Improve your cyber security posture with our modern SOC to increase detection, analysis and respond capabilities based Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

Microsoft Threat Intelligence and Machine Learning automatically monitors and analysis alerts within your Microsoft Cloud infrastructure. Our professional Analysts review security incident alerts and provide the results to you. The Microsoft portals and the results can support a fast respond to threats.

What we support baseVISION SOC overview security services which can be managed and connected to Microsoft Azure cloud security services. A prerequisite is “Microsoft Defender for Endpoint”. Other sources can be connected. To list a few:

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft Defender for Identity

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Azure AD signing logs

Azure Defender

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint “Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Microsoft” service is an essential source for baseVISION SOC services. It provides built-in capabilities to handle modern attacks and identify vulnerabilities. Even further it contains endpoint detection and response technologies to reduce or avoid the risk of a successful attack.

Focus on your business You can focus on your business while our SOC overviews your Security Incidents in the Microsoft Azure cloud security services. The SOC will inform you based other Security Levels.