Small-Medium Landing Zone: 1-Week Deployment

BCN Group Ltd.

A starting point for small-medium businesses looking to run their workloads in Azure, including connectivity with existing on-premises infrastructure via a site-to-site VPN.

In an increasingly digital world, organizations are looking to cloud services to provide business benefits such as save costs, increase business agility & innovation, and provide secure remote ways of working. However, migration to these services can be a daunting prospect. As the number of services continues to increase, organizations often don’t know where to start their journey, and designing with best practices can be a costly & time-sapping process. Introducing BCN’s Azure Landing Zones – a set of standardized Azure environment templates that BCN will provision, deploy & configure to kickstart or enhance your organizations Azure journey BCN’s Azure Landing Zones provide a secure & scalable platform to act as a base for new Cloud environments. Incorporating deployment, configuration & management best practices, BCN Landing Zones provide a well-managed foundation on which to build the rest of your Azure resources and connect your existing workloads to create a seamless working environment. With configurable parameters to meet your requirements, BCN Landing Zones give a perfect starting point for those looking to take their next step in the Digital Transformation Journey. BCN’s Landing Zones fit perfectly with other BCN Azure Services to provide the end-to-end build, management and support of all your environments – be sure to ask how!