Step into the Cloud - 4d Workshop

Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH

A prescriptive guidance to setup your cloud landing zone

We accompany you as you take one step at a time, letting you make the right decisions at your own pace. That way you’ll be able to lay a sturdy foundation and further develop your cloud strategy in future, giving the right amount of time and consideration to such crucial issues as security, compliance, governance, licensing, virtualization, DevOps, disaster recovery, vendor lock-in, auto scaling and load balancing.

Step into the Cloud is a standardized process to help customers understand and design their Azure infrastructure, providing them with the assistance they need along the way.


Day 1

  • Strategy Discussion on the Cloud, main drivers, challenges

  • Discussions around scenarios and workloads.

Day 2

  • Governance Session

  • Identity Session

Day 3

  • Networking Session

  • Security Session

Day 4

  • Monitoring Session

  • Automation Session