Datanomics Data & AI practice: 6-Wk Implementation


DATANOMICS helps to improve business performance, optimize customer service, increase revenue through Data & AI services.

Time-proven technological expertise in Azure cloud technologies, combined with our team of highly qualified data scientists, enables us to successfully execute and oversee challenging digital projects for the retail and industrial sectors. Our solutions are accessible via custom APIs deployed in your Azure environment.


We provide predictive analytics for retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) businesses:

• Datanomics’ demand-forecasting models automatically calculate demand forecast—including promos—with improved accuracy over traditional forecasting methods.

• Datanomics’ recommender engine helps retail and distribution operations integrate personalized marketing into their business processes to boost sales and customer loyalty.

Datanomics' team, using Azure cloud technologies and machine learning algorithms, helps customers:

  • Optimize stock inventory;

  • Move to data-driven purchasing;

  • Optimize assortment policy using Big Data;

  • Embed dynamic pricing in selling process;

  • Increase the efficiency of personnel.


Datanomics’ team leverages Azure technologies to help industrial enterprises optimize workflows, improving efficiency and quality while reducing waste and downtime. We offer prescriptive analytics and digital twins development for manufacturing processes.