Azure Backup Managed Service 1-Week Implementation


Ongoing backup support, management, and maintenance of Azure Backup

In one week we’ll create a backup strategy that ensures your physical, hybrid, and cloud-based data will be there when you need it.

Many businesses’ backup solutions are ineffective and inadequate because they exist on premises only and rely on data being backed up to another physical device. This causes a resource drain for in-house staff to manage hardware, space constraints, and decisions on what data to save. Plus, in the event of a disaster, the physical devices can become unavailable.

Azure Backup Service eliminates the need for you to purchase and manage a physical backup process to protect your physical, hybrid, and cloud-based data. Azure Backup protects your critical applications including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, files and folders, Windows Servers, Windows Clients, and Azure IaaS VMs whether they are on servers, clients, or in the cloud.

Azure Backup Service leverages the Microsoft Azure Platform and also provides Microsoft's premier Cloud Platform infrastructure. Betach will facilitate your business in the transition and help to create or modify your backup strategy, offer services to back up your server states, and the data that resides on them.

Our team at Betach will continually help to manage your backups throughout the term of your service, and provide peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure's back up is ready if needed.

Price includes 20 GB stored per month, per desktop. Storage exceeding this is charged at a rate of $.50 per GB.