2-Week Machine Learning Proof-of-Concept in Azure

Beyondsoft Consulting

Consulting engagement to help you build a Machine Learning solution in Azure to drive your business.

The Crystal Ball of Prediction: A Machine Learning Proof-of-Concept

Did you know machine learning is your crystal ball to accurately predict business performance and customer intents and actions? Insights revealed by machine learning will help you understand your most valuable customers, improve their experiences, and maximize their revenue.

Our clients have developed capabilities they didn't know were possible through machine learning:

  • Identify target customers and accurately forecast their buying actions & revenue
  • Deep understanding of the minds of potential and most valuable customers
  • Intelligent pricing and recommendations
  • Predict service/help desk and DevOps problems before they occur
  • Fast prediction – millions of predictions performed in < 1 minute

This 2-week consulting engagement is a fixed price offering designed to help you fully study the benefits and expectations of what machine learning can bring to your operations. Invest in this proof-of-concept engagement to check the facts and figures and receive a project plan.

Agenda & Deliverables

Week 1

  • Set business and technical objectives with KPIs
  • Analyze existing data and suggestions for improvement and augmentation
  • Identify patterns in data to be used to drive machine learning models

Week 2

  • Select algorithms that are likely to deliver the best results
  • Define clear description of the technical resources you will need
  • Create a detailed, line-item budget and timeline for your project including the Azure consumption of your solution
  • Execute deployment in your Azure environment of the Proof-of-Concept machine learning model

Beyondsoft is a Microsoft Managed Partner with Gold Competencies in Cloud Platform, Data Analytics, and Application Development.