Advanced Data Analytics: Implementation - 4 weeks problem solving study

BigHub s.r.o.

We make your data work for you.

Our professional services in building tailor-made analytical solutions have been proven even by many customers including global enterprises.

Do you want to employ your data to unlock your business potential?

Consider using our rich data science expertise leveraging Microsoft Azure platform when needing to improve:

· conversion rate of your sales team · improving the customer-centric products and services · decision making support by continously learning recommender system · optimization of internal processes

Let us begin exactly in the point where you are – we can start even at CxO level by the business objectives definition if needed. We follow our verified and fully transparent process by drilling down into a problem, ensuring the critical components and delivering the measurable benefit back to CxO.

Our team of data experts (ranging from Data Infrastructure specialists, via Data Engineers to Data Scientists) help you to design, implement and operate Azure Platform-native solutions well balancing the cost/benefit ratio.

On top of the final solution delivery, we can provide also detailed technical explanation or additional traning to make your teams fully autonomous – or – help you with a smooth solution operation.

We always reflect your needs in setting the optimal study duration and staffing.