How to get started with Cloud security in Microsoft Azure: 4h workshop

Billennium S.A.

4-hour workshop on how to keep your organization secure in the Microsoft Azure environment led by a certified cyber security expert (MVP and MCT).

Protect your company from cyber threats and vulnerabilities related to cloud computing.

Take the first step toward securing your organization's systems in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Learn about market standards for security, identify gaps in your security, and proactively protect yourself from their threats.

Take part in a dedicated workshop for your organization in an online format, and in 4 hours learn everything you need to know to rest easy about your company's assets.

During the workshop, together with a certified cybersecurity expert (MVP and MCT), you will diagnose your company's security level, analyze its security strategy and set a target point where it should be to meet your business needs and goals securely. In addition, you will learn about the available options, which ones will work for your organization, and prepare for the challenges of implementing them.

Together with the expert you will cover usage of technologies and concepts like: Microsoft Defender for Cloud (various aspects of use cases and services), Microsoft Sentinel, Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure AD Security, Azure AD Contitional Access, Azure AD Multifactor Auhtentication MFA, Azure AD Identity Governance, Azure AD Identity Secure Score, Just-In-Time VM Access, Azure Privileged Identity Management PIM, Cloud App Security Policies (part of MCAS - Defender for Cloud Apps), Azure Key Vault, Azure Policy, Azure Security Benchmark, Azure Compliance and Governance, Container Security, File Integrity MonitoringIntegrated Vulnerability Scanner (based on Qulays), Azure VPN Gateway, Azure Web Application Firewall, Azure Network Traffic Analytics, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Monitor, Azure Bastion, Azure Storage Protection.

What you gain:

  • Complete, structured knowledge of the most relevant cyber security issues in the Microsoft Azure cloud and Microsoft Defender (what, for what, why)

  • A diagnosis of your company's current security measures

  • Practical modeling of threats related to its specifics

  • Defining a dedicated security strategy for your organization using existing market standards

  • Reviewing IT security solutions available on the market and selecting the right ones for your company

After completing the workshop, you will:

  • Better understand the essence of proper protection of IT systems and working securely with Microsoft Azure cloud

  • Know how to set up Microsoft Defender

  • Be able to identify current ongoing risks to your cloud environment

  • Know which services to choose to ensure secure information sharing, and improve remote working while protecting your company from cyber threats

  • Know best practices, benchmarks, and recommendations to improve security and the challenges of maintaining it

  • Know the following steps to protect your organization

Don't wait for cybercriminals to make the first move. Instead, ensure your company's secure operation today!