BizTalk to Azure migration: 10-Days Assessment

Bilot Oyj

Bilot can help your organization to migrate your integration solutions from your current BizTalk platform to the cloud-based Azure Services platform

Analysis of the BizTalk "as-is" architecture and integrations

  • General BizTalk set-up (environment, version)
  • High-level architecture of BizTalk integrations
  • Amount (scope) and complexity of individual BizTalk applications
  • Code repository review
  • Customizations and 3rd party components/adapters
  • Pain points, areas for improvements, limitations of the current BizTalk implementations
  • Additional/future development

Applicable migration scenario

  • Full migration
  • Hybrid scenario (on-premises BizTalk and Azure co-exist for a certain time)

Proposal for the Azure "to-be" architecture and integrations

  • General set-up (environments)
  • Proposed integration architecture
  • High level description for core components in Azure
  • Areas for improvement
  • Proposed 3rd party components/adapters, if any
  • Logging and alert functionality requirements


  • Azure architecture
  • Recommendations and Best Practices for the Azure integration
  • Roadmap for the migration
  • Costs estimate for the migration