Azure Technical Spike:10 Day POC

Biqmind Pte Ltd

Biqmind Specialists run a technical spike on your behalf to reduce risks and uncertainty. A technical spike is a focused effort to research, investigate, design and prototype solutions.

Biqmind Specialists are able to help reduce risks , uncertainties, time and money that come with adopting new technologies by running a technical spike on your behalf specific to Azure cloud native initiatives. A technical spike is an agile method designed to reduce risk and uncertainty. It is a time-boxed interval during which Biqmind Specialists identify the immediate objectives, conduct a review of the current status, define the target state and identify implementation workstreams. Within a 10 day sprint, our Specialists research, investigate, design and prototype solutions for your specific challenge and produce concrete recommendations for moving forward with your transformation goals.

- Reduce risk and uncertainty
- Obtain concrete recommendations
- Reduced time commitment
- Improve story estimation accuracy

- Biqmind Discovery Workshop to create action plan (chargeable service)