Blockchain Consulting & PoC: 10 weeks


Discover the right scenarios for blockchain adoption in your organization & get the proof of value. The offering spans identification and planning of blockchain use cases to a PoC

Across industries, customers face challenges in intra-organizational transparency. People in one business unit are unaware of the information gathered, analyzed, and employed in another unit, resulting in lower transparency and trust issues among all.

For any blockchain adoption, organizations have to either completely restructure their existing systems or find a way to integrate these systems with blockchain. Moreover, organizations do not have the necessary pool of blockchain talent to engage in the integration process on their own.

We enable the integration of Blockchain with - ERP, IoT, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Big Data & Analytics, AI/ML, and RPA.

In this 10 weeks (Discover to PoC) offer, you will get feasibility reports, and a PoC.

Benefits -

  1. Complete guidance in your Blockchain journey, with access to -
    • Our Blockchain CoE focused on innovation and development
    • Pre-built use case templates and accelerators on Azure Blockchain
    • Our experience gained by working on production-grade blockchain projects across multiple industries
  2. Trust, Transparency, & Traceability
  3. Reduction in Fraud & Counterfeiting
  4. Cost reduction by eliminating third parties
  5. Provision of a decentralized network
  6. History / Audit trail due to the immutability of the Blockchain

With our team: 1:- Significantly reduce the Time-to-Market 2:- Choose the right use cases 3:- Reduce the risk of running into potential issues e.g, choosing the wrong technology and how it has to be designed and/or implemented 4:- Boost up in your success probability

Roadmap and Deliverables - check the slide image on the top right corner of this page and the below brochure to understand the roadmap, steps, activities and deliverables you will get as part of this offer.