Birlasoft Composable Commerce Maturity: 30 Minutes Assessment


This Assessment gives you an objective view of where your commerce solution stands on the scale of "composable-ness." It helps move from a monolithic solution to loosely-coupled commerce capabilities

Birlasoft's Composable Commerce Maturity Assessment helps you assess & evaluate the maturity of your commerce platform & helps you enable agility & flexibility. Move away from monolithic to composable architecture.

This maturity assessment is helpful for the following users:

  1. Recently started with e-commerce but have no specific vision or roadmap.
  2. Businesses that require specialized solutions for their multiple commerce requirements.
  3. Teams looking to improve their current commerce solution into an agile, scalable, and headless commerce.
  4. Mature teams need to explore the next level of maturity.

Offerings of this maturity assessment:

  • Customers will go through a free self-service assessment to understand the current maturity of their e-commerce application architecture.
  • Further on Customer request, Birlasoft teams will conduct deeper analysis to identify the gaps and recommend a roadmap to move to a composable commerce state
  • Birlasoft will engage with customer teams to handhold them through a series of workshops, ideation sessions, POCs to go to the next level of maturity.

Customer Benefits:

  • A structured journey towards composable commerce maturity
  • Recommendation of industry best practices for B2C, B2B, B2B2C, or Marketplace commerce implementation
  • Suggestion on best of breed commerce capabilities
  • Leverage deep global experience of Birlasoft
  • An actionable digital strategy
  • Improved experience for various personas.

Our assessment will use Microsoft Azure's industry commerce architecture and Azure services like Azure Functions, Azure Redis Cache, Cosmo DB, and Azure PowerBI will allow you to focus on your digital use cases, innovate faster and deliver scalable commerce experiences.

This assessment will be divided into various phases as described below: Free Self Assessment - 20 to 30 mins.

Optional Paid Deep Dive Workshop: Day 1 - Goal, KPI, Scope discussions, Identify top 5 concerns. Day 2 - Assess the maturity of commerce solution from a composable e-commerce perspective; Perform a gap analysis. Day 3 - Prepare high-level go-to architecture.

The estimated pricing will be based on the scope of the deep-dive workshop.