Birlasoft IntelliVision - 6 Months Implementation


Birlasoft's IntelliVision is a platform that enables direct video & image processing at the edge, that provides capabilities for EHS and workplace safety initiatives, reducing bandwidth consumption.

In many workplace safety systems, the latency of cloud-based systems is not acceptable Intermittent network issues can add to the system's downtime. 24*7 availability of the system is the primary requirement. The bandwidth & cloud data sharing should be limited.

Birlasoft has ready solution accelerators ‘intelliVisionTM’ built on Microsoft Azure Custom Vision Platform, a Customizable and embedded state-of-the-art computer vision image analysis for specific domains with Custom Vision, part of Azure Cognitive Services with built-in security, flexible deployment, and Customization to your scenario, which is being leveraged for workplace safety Applications. This platform provides capabilities for EHS and workplace safety initiatives. In addition, this solution has several safety measures, like Facial Recognition, Emotion Recognition, Object Quality Analysis, Quality Control, Zone/ Event Detection & Organizing Visual Information.

Salient Feature of IntelliVision:

  1. Workplace Safety:- a) Forklift Movement Monitoring b) Prevent Accidents, Human-Machine Collision c)Monitor Unauthorized and Unexpected Access Entry into the Workplace Area d)Elevated Body Temperature & Social Distance Compliance Monitoring

  2. Activity Recognition:- a) Activities of the workforce such as bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, moving, sitting, etc. b) Safety Deviations such as Incorrect use of PPE, unsafe positioning under suspended loads, exclusion areas in the drill floor, obstruction of escape routes

  3. Object Recognition:- a) Multi-Object Detection b) Counting & Stock Monitoring c) Identification of the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as helmets, overalls, gloves, goggles, ear protectors, boots, and life jackets as applicable.

Leveraging Microsoft Products and Platforms: a) Custom Vision offers the development of highly accurate & reliable models, quickly & easily. Using Microsoft suggested hardware kits, image processing can be done in near real-time. b) IoT Edge ensures edge container provisioning, updates, monitoring & diagnostics. This helps in real-time monitoring, thus reducing the potential work hazard risks & ensures safety. c) The need for an additional solution for device communication is eliminated & very real-time communication can be achieved by leveraging IoT Hubs & Event Hubs.

Desired Results of using IntelliVision: a) Birlasoft's IntelliVision will help in reducing the network latency & will help to achieve a latency of less than one second. b) It eliminates intermittent network dependency. c) The Edge-based system ensures high availability & reduces downtime.

Dynamic Privacy Shield:

Whether you have to adhere to Government laws or regulations such as GDPR, or rules put forward by Unions. Live Privacy Shield makes it easy to monitor activities while safeguarding privacy remotely. The versatile, edge-based application enables compatible cameras to dynamically mask moving objects, humans, faces, or the background in real-time in live and recorded video 

Safeguards privacy: a) Real-time, edge-based Dynamic Masking b) Motion-Based Masking c) AI-based Masking for selected Cameras

Value added through Deliverables: a) Physical Attributes: 1) Fire Detection: IntelliVision can help prevent potential hazards, through event detection - fire hazards. 2) Zone Detection: Any deviations in the Shop Floor control (SFC) during various activites like, movement of PIV Vehicles over a predifiend path, unsafe positioning under suspended loads, obstruction of escape routes can be prevented b) Access Control: 1) Face Detection: Through Custom Vision, IntelliVision is capable of making models leveraging image analytics. This can help in employee recognition, to identify their behavior anomalies and notify through alarms, notifications upon such event detection 2) Identify Employee: IntelliVision helps in ensuring a safe work environment by tracking individual activites such as bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, moving, sitting, etc. c) Compliance Control: 1) Incorrect use of PPE