Protecting Life & Livelihood-Gen AI enabled Biosurveillance - 4 Weeks PoC


Public health risk prediction and remediation using Gen AI enabled biosurveillance

The solution leverages cutting-edge technologies like Confidential Computing, Gen AI, and Advanced Data Architectures to drive trusted data & AI-based collaboration across healthcare stakeholders. It enables PHOs to draw on reliable data and reduces the time to insights – which can be instrumental to effective policy responses against fast-spreading diseases. It draws upon the power of Azure cloud ecosystem to empower a transformative impact for all key stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

By deploying Birlasoft’s Gen AI enabled Bio-surveillance Solution, the customers are able to realize the following key outcomes:

  1. Orchestrate Data & AI-driven, life-saving interventions by delivering timely insights to Public Health Officers, which enabled them to make informed decisions within a 48-hour window.
  2. Continuously monitor disease outbreaks by drawing on regional data shared by multiple sources in a compliant, privacy-first framework.
  3. Insights generated across 40 critical indicators by applying intricate AI models over vast public datasets to enhance decisioning.
  4. Insights span cases recorded, hospitalizations, deaths, vaccination trends, and vaccine breakthrough trends.

Beyond these immediate enablements, the solution also helped multiple stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem orchestrate early and concerted responses to outbreaks:

  1. PHOs: Improve the effectiveness of bio-surveillance programs and disease control strategies, which enables public infrastructure readiness.
  2. Governments: Monitor risk continuously and respond quickly with targeted policies like early warnings and situational awareness.
  3. Care Providers: Optimize planning, capacity, and resource allocation, and provide specialized training by anticipating caseload and spread patterns in advance.
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Optimize production and supply chain planning to meet variable demands across regions.
  5. Patients and public: Receive better care, avoid actions associated with high risk, and safeguard their lives and livelihoods.

The solution utilizes Azure’s Confidential Computing capabilities.” Confidential computing ensures data protection by leveraging hardware root-of-trust and remote attestation, making it a crucial aspect of secure cloud platforms. The other tools/services leveraged includes -

  1. AzCopy
  2. Azure CosmosDB
  3. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  4. PowerBI
  5. Purview
  6. Key Vault
  7. Azure DevOps & GitHub
  8. Azure policy and initiative etc.