JD Edward on Azure Cloud: Day-1 Briefing


Migrate and/or Modernize your JDE Infrastructure on Azure with the help of Award-winning Birlasoft largest and leading Global JD Edwards practice, having 25+ years of expertise and serving 100+Nations

Birlasoft has been known for providing world-class service to its customer, with a structured approach to global delivery and deploying a host of innovative solutions and service architectures. In a fast-paced market, the company closely follows customer needs and responds swiftly to deliver ever-greater value. It is committed to the success of its clients and their specific needs around language, cost, legal compliance, and risk. With featuring in the Top 100 global IT companies recognized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) and has now already started to address the next wave of globalization to deliver accelerated technology solutions with a focus on value and innovation.

Why Azure for your JDE workloads To help its clients migrate and execute crucial enterprise functions across the two technologies, Microsoft and Oracle jointly established cooperation. This includes the capacity to operate Oracle JD Edwards on cloud services from Microsoft Azure. Azure guarantees 99.95% uptime when two or more role instances are deployed in various fault and upgrade domains. Moving your infrastructure onto Azure will help your business in the following- • By reducing the large-scale capital expenditure, you pay for what you use. • Unprecedented uptime and flexibility – This means less downtime to keep your business running effectually without interruption and the ability to shift IT resources to meet your organization's needs. • Provide easier integration with other in-house applications. • Access to various latest tools and services on the go.

Our Offerings- With the help of Birlasoft largest and leading global JD Edwards practice, having more than 25 years of expertise in the field, We are able to offer the following- • JDE as a Service • Digital Transformation • Upgrades and Migration • Cloud Transformation • Implement and Rollouts • Consulting • AMS and ADM services • Infrastructure Management • Extended Service Offerings

Why Birlasoft- Birlasoft JDE Practice has worked with more than 375 customers worldwide, followed by- • More than 250+ Global Implementation and Rollouts • Consisting of 40+ AMS Project and 100+ Upgrades • Have a headcount of 900+ Consultant in our JDE Practice • Distinguished Partner Award for nine years in a row • Advance Specialization Certified • Oracle Beta Testing and Co-Development partner.