Customer Omnichannel Experience: 2 days workshop

BitBang Srl

The proposal provides for the creation and management of an innovative and unique Customer Data Platform that allows for the mapping of the entire customer journey

BitBang offers a 2-day workshop during which we will deepen the topics of your interest, your priorities and your goals, in order to organize the work in a targeted way and aimed at achieving your purposes. First day program Deepening of the interests and priorities finalized at achieving the objectives Business requirements assessment in the omnichannel field Assessment of data sources for each channel Second day program Analytics Assessment (data + all channels) Road map Design and management of the Customer Data Platform

The solution proposed by BitBang involves the creation and management of an innovative and unique Customer Data Platform. In a CDP, it's essential to create a 360° Customer View and map the entire customer journey to better understand and predict customer behavior on all channels.

BitBang's solution enables the integration of CRM data and all marketing tools, leveraging the powerful analysis capabilities of Azure data Lake. This scenario allows real-time data-driven decisions to be made besides the activation of the right levers to offer a personalized experience. With deep knowledge, experience and best practices in digital marketing, BitBang allows you to quickly use marketing automation with direct marketing tools and adopt advanced personalization and analytics scenarios.

All this allows us to offer the customer a highly personalized service based on his behavior on all channels. Benefits for the customer:

  • in-depth knowledge of its customers which allows for more effective clustering
  • Greater data governance with a centralized database in Azure Data Lake, strengthening GDPR compliance
  • growth in loyalty as a result of personalized activities
  • increase in satisfaction with each interaction with the individual customer
  • decrease in acquisition costs for the creation of advanced audiences
  • increase in sales