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Bitnami Stacksmith 5-Day Proof-of-Concept


In five days, Bitnami will package and deploy your application to Azure, while teaching you how to maintain your app to keep it up-to-date and secure over time.

Bitnami, a Gold Competency ISV Microsoft partner, has productization its packaging and maintenance technology as Stacksmith. Designed for enterprise companies, Stacksmith takes applications and scripts, repackages and optimizes them for Azure or AKS, and delivers everything that is needed to deploy them.

Whether all of your apps on Azure or you’re just starting to migrate to the cloud, the Bitnami team will work with you to evaluate your current approach and teach you the best practices. Using Bitnami Stacksmith, your first app will be set up and replatformed for Azure and/or AKS. In addition, this engagement includes a 30-day trial of the Bitnami Stacksmith subscription.

Bitnami Application Onboarding provides all the support to ensure that you get up and running with Stacksmith quickly and efficiently.

With the application onboarding offer, Bitnami will:

  • Set up your Stacksmith evaluation account
  • Connect Stacksmith to your Azure account
  • Evaluate your chosen app for readiness (Linux)
  • Gather the required resources to package and deploy it
  • Package the app for Azure IaaS and/or AKS
  • Deploy the app to the Azure
  • Maintain the app to keep it up-to-date and secure over time

You will walk away from this engagement with an app optimized for Azure and an understanding of how to keep it up-to-date with Stacksmith.


Day 1 - Identify target app and any necessary configuration steps

Day 2 - Connect Stacksmith to your cloud account and deploy a sample app

Day 3 - First cut of your app running on Azure

Day 4 - Refined version of your app running on Azure

Day 5 - Bitnami provides app deployment and maintenance demo to your team

Day 6-30 - Continue to use Stacksmith to maintain your app including underlying dependencies.


  • Deployment artifacts for your app on Azure
  • Recommendations of additional apps to target based on your priorities and technical requirements