Teradata Enterprise Migration to Vantage on Azure: 6 Week Implementation

Bitwise Inc

Migrate Teradata Enterprise to Vantage on Azure, Stabilize and Migrate 1-2 Applications to Lakehouse/Fabric

Partner with Bitwise migration experts to modernize your Teradata EDW in Azure. With our ‘stopover’ solution of migrating Teradata to Vantage on Azure, we help you quickly migrate workloads to the cloud with zero risk or business disruption and accelerate your journey to leveraging the full Analytics and AI capabilities of Fabric.

Why Migrate to Teradata Vantage on Azure?

    • Lift-and-Shift Migration with Zero Risk
    • Business-As-Usual-Zero Disruption
    • Least Expensive Migration Option
    • Significant ECIF Investment from Microsoft
    • Avoid Signing Long-Term Contract
    • Annual DIY License Available in Azure Marketplace
    • Teradata is Installed in Customer Tenant
    • Option to Offload Workload to Lakehouse/Fabric
    • Vantage Managed Service for Cost Optimization
    • Stabilization and Decommissioning Plan

Assessment Scope & Deliverables

    • Teradata System Deep-dive
    • Migration approach/plan
    • Sizing exercise
    • Compatibility Report
    • What is running on the current system
    • ETL/ELT Discovery
    • BI Plan
    • LDAP
    • Security
    • Test Plan
    • Managed Services Plan

Fixed Time & Cost: 2-4 weeks for $48K fixed fee (may be credited if full migration selected)

Migration Scope & Deliverables

    • Teradata Workload Analyzer
    • DBQL Analysis/PDCR Output and Analysis
    • “What” is running on the current system
    • Who is using “what”
    • Application Offload Strategy
    • Managing Space allocation
    • Analyze CPU, IO and DISK optimization
    • Performance and Tuning
    • Other DBA Tasks
    • Give “breathing” room for existing workloads
    • “Clean Up” before migrating

Fixed Time & Cost: 4-6 weeks for $84K fixed fee

Final cost, timeline and scope of work may vary based on complexity of the ecosystems.

Migrate to Lake /Fabric

Once migration to Vantage is stabilized, Bitwise can migrate 1-2 critical workloads to Fabric including conversion of ETL processes, data ingestion, BI and stored procedures. This helps to see workloads in Lakehouse and build a case for modernization with Fabric.

Time and cost estimates provided as output of Assessment.

Ready to completely modernize to Lakehouse/Fabric?

Through our ‘Co-existence’ offer, Bitwise accelerates and minimizes risk of modernizing Teradata on-premise with a Vantage and Lakehouse / Fabric hybrid architecture using a methodology to completely retire Vantage with minimal business disruption:

Teradata Modernization with Lakehouse / Fabric