AI for Marketing Ops (AIM): 6-mth Implementation


AIM is a data-centric solution bringing together common operational marketing activities leveraging Dynamics 365, Azure Data Services and AI

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming necessary to be able to meet the personalization experience customers have come to expect.

For a marketer, AI driven recommendations based on customer activity provides the necessary insight to take timely action. Proactive marketing journeys can be set up to take advantage of up-sell / cross-sell opportunities or even preventative measures, for customers likely to churn.

Our platform built on Microsoft Azure provides the foundation for more intelligent, data-driven marketing ops. By harnessing the power of data and AI, we help you to improve the customer experience, grow customer life-time value and hit your growth targets – with more speed and greater ease.

AIM is a single, integrated and self service environment that not only monitors and optimises your marketing campaigns, but also identifies and automates the best course of action to reach your customers.

Built on Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights, leveraging the power of Azure Data Services, Azure Synapse, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Power BI Premium, our AIM solutions specialises in:

  1. Connecting and Integrating your Data:
  • Connect multiple data sources seamlessly
  • Integrate existing & third-party data
  • Combine historical & real time data
  • Create holistic customer profiles
  • Ingest new data continuously
  • Maintain control with robust data governance
  1. Creating a Powerful Marketing Engine:
  • Track campaign activity, sales orders, subscriptions, payments & online engagement
  • Inform marketing campaigns using machine learning based on customer propensity
  • Highlight precise areas of interest & analyse their impact on behaviour
  • Monitor campaign performance & customer portfolio development in real time
  1. Predicting Behaviours and Automating Campaigns:
  • Create audience segments to improve targeting
  • Provide a 360° view of customer engagement & sales staff behaviour
  • Define automated rules for communication based on customer engagement data
  • Build campaigns supported by digital assets

With 17+ years of experience, over 500 projects with Microsoft Analytics Platform and 15 national and international awards, BizData is a world class leader in delivering outstanding analytics outcomes for customers.

Start your Microsoft Azure AIM journey today.

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