Document Classification 1 day Assessment Offer


Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services to power automated document classification.

Correctly classifying documents for reasons of compliance, completeness and discoverability is pivotal to many organisations, yet can demand considerable allocation of resources.

Document SmartDetect combines the power of Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services to remove the burden of manually classifying thousands of documents, provides ease of discoverability and critical insight all through a single, web-based application.

Key Benefits:

  1. Central point of classification across a myriad of document types
  2. Documents viewed in situ, with no requirement to access any other applications
  3. Automated classification recommendations expedite workflow
  4. Phrase and Keyword Tagging facilitate discoverability from a single location
  5. Leverage Microsoft Azure Synapse, Azure Machine Learning, Databricks and Power BI to deliver a unified analytics solution

Our unique 1-day assessment offer includes:

  1. A half-day discovery session, collaborating with your team to explore how to leverage AI to streamline your document classification processes and improve discoverablity.
  2. A roadmap covering recommendations to assist in your journey to establish an automated document processing pipeline with AI.