Finance OneView 1 day Assessment Offer


Bringing together General Ledger, ERP and Budgeting and Forecasting systems for a single view of Financials.

Enterprise financial data is commonly spread across multiple systems, making it almost impossible to gain a clear, 360 degree view of budgets, forecasts and actuals.

Finance OneView allows you to rapidly bring together data from your General Ledger, ERP and Budgeting and Forecasting systems in Azure. This enables a governed, analytical foundation to provide a complete view of financials.

Key Benefits:

  1. Central point of access for all enterprise finance data
  2. Full integration with General Ledger and transactional source systems
  3. Single point of capture for budgets and forecasts
  4. Drill-through capability from summary to individual transactional data via Power BI
  5. Leverage Microsoft Azure Synapse, Azure Machine Learning, Databricks and Power BI to deliver a unified analytics solution

Our unique 1-day assessment offer includes:

  1. A half-day discovery session, collaborating with your team to explore your current cloud data platform readiness and your current finance systems landscape.
  2. A roadmap covering recommendations to assist in your journey to establish an integrated financial reporting, forecasting and budgeting platform.