ChatGPT customer service POC: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

BizOne AB

Transform customer service interactions into valuable data using Azure Cognitive Services and Azure OpenAI

Call center analytics using Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Open AI is a powerful solution that can help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and gain valuable insights from your call data. The audience for this POC is all types of organizations that have customer interactions via speech, and records those interactions. Examples are Insurance Companies, Banks, IT support, Customer Support etc.

With this POC, you will gain insights into how you can use Azure to transform your customer experiences with automated, AI-powered communication workflows that are scalable, secure, and cost-effective.:

The 2 wk POC uses your call files (in wav format) Azure Open AI (Chat GPT) and Cognitive Services to convert speech to text, get sentiment and create kpi’s to analyze call center data in Power BI (see output report in the images below). It will also give you an understanding into how you can further automate your customer interactions with conversational AI using Azure Communication Services and OpenAI GPT-3 model, to automate, analyze and improve the overall customer service.

The deliverables are;

  • Configured azure services to convert call center calls to text, and identify sentiment
  • Json files that can be analyzed in Power BI
  • Power BI report connected to json files, with info as shown in example below
  • All code we produce during the POC
  • A walk through of the architecture and solution with your team
  • A cost estimate to automate and productionize the solution


  • Within the 2 wk poc, we will do a select number of call transformations (depends on how long the conversations are)
  • It’s a POC so manual integrations
  • Customer is responsible to provide the calls in .wav format, and with good enough sound quality

Pre conditions

  • You need an Azure subscription (we will help you to set it up if you don’t have one)
  • BizOne consultants need access to Azure environment
  • Azure Open AI access
  • Calls need to be in .wav format
  • Power BI license