Securing Azure and Azure AD: 1-Hr Briefing

BJSS Limited

Provide a briefing to aid your organisation on the best practices for securing your Azure investment

BJSS offers a free briefing session providing the following:

*Examples of secure implementation practices gathered from BJSS’s vast experience across many industries and clients. *Discuss the emerging threat landscape. *Delve into zero-trust principles. *Understand how automation can provide assurance. *Showcase opportunities to shift-left in your organisation. *Understand the Microsoft technology options available and how to make the right choices.

Our professional services team will help you understand the challenges to securing Azure and Azure AD, and the capabilities the products provide.

This offer provides BJSS' decades of experience working with Microsoft technologies, to help you determine the correct action for securing Azure and Azure AD services. Attendees will leave the session with actionable knowledge, and how BJSS and Microsoft Azure can support your organisation