Trading in the Cloud : 1-Hr Briefing

BJSS Limited

Briefing to aid your organisations understanding of how enterprise financial trading can be performed on Azure.

How do you migrate existing or build new enterprise financial trading solutions to run compliantly, securely and performantly on Azure?

BJSS offers a free briefing to outline our approach for banks and other institutions. The briefing provides BJSS' view on how trading can be performed on Azure.

What does this Briefing include?

  • Approach to how you can achieve low-latency on the Cloud using advanced networking and HPC on Azure.
  • How to improve the scale of trading on-premise using Azure.
  • View on how to optimise infrastructure costs, taking advantage of native solutions on Azure.
  • Approach to how to leverage the opportunities of Azure Cloud technology for trading using hybrid and Azure Cloud-first technologies.
  • How understanding the technology options available and how to make the right choices to maximise Azure performance for different workloads.
  • Model for taking the optimal migration and modernisation path on Azure.
  • Delivery model outlined, iteratively and adapted as needed.

We will present the BJSS approach, market insights and how this approach can help your organisation. The briefing will outline our view of how Azure can run enterprise financial trading solutions for your organisation.

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